neon work "accidental meeting" by night (above entrance)

entrance with drawings on the paper wall and the film "emptiness"

main room with drawings, japanese ink and crying flower room on paper

main room with "around the wall" and drawings on paper

first main room with drawings on wall and windows on paper

window outside projection by night on paper. film "in the hood" 

Drawings, the crying flower room and the film "crying flower" on paper

Drawings on paper on all walls in the exhibition space, material: thinn paper, china marker, wax, thai and japanese ink

Drawings in The Hague, 16.9.2010

In the Hood (images from the film)

Moksi (Suriname), Chinese Surinamese restaurant

Mr. Jacques van Gaalen, Owner Structuur 68, Ceramic workshop

Albani drukkers, Printing office

Mr. Maurits van de Laar, Galerist

Tini Rollema


  Entrance to China town
 Felix Villanueva and Jårg Geismar

Mrs. Eva (Thailand), Owner Thai restaurant Songkhla


Rolf and Heent Prinz

Mr. Pei Zhang (China), Manager De Chinese Brug, Chinese social-cultural centre

and many other nice people from Den Haag